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Dedicated to creating synchronicities, serendipities and misunderstandings, Soup, Zuppa is a place for everyone interested in improvised and experimental music. Working with the premise that all mistakes can be integrated, we are interested in bringing together people from different backgrounds to experiment and improvise in an open atmosphere. Musical education is absolutely not necessary and we would encourage everyone who had one to forget as much of it as possible.


No upcoming events at the moment

Groups of performers will be put together after a 20min Soup at the beginning of the evening in which all participants play simultaneously.


To participate simply download Zoom here:

Once you are set up, you can join the session on the date and time announced on the event via the following link:

Audio Settings

You will also need to activate 'original audio' from the advanced audio settings to not have your sound gated while playing.


Our events are not-for-profit but we would like to ask you for a donation to cover the cost of the space and help running this on a regular basis in the future.

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